What is your Contact Center Top Priority?

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What’s your contact center top priority? A recent report revealed that 31.41% of contact center leaders had this as their top priority. And in this video I’ll share with you what that top priority is and what you want to avoid in order to move onward and upward faster.

In a Special Report authored by Lori Bocklund, President of Strategic Contact, titled Contact Center Challenges and Priorities published by Contact Center Pipeline. Lori shared with us that 31.41% of contact center leaders see improving performance management and coaching is one of their top priorities and their second most important priority is improving training at 28.88%.

Is it a New Contact Center Top Priority?

For me, being in the contact center for a couple decades, it is not surprising to see these two things as very important priorities for contact center leaders, but it’s probably not for the reasons you might suspect.

When I review the most widely used solutions that are available to contact centers leaders to improve performance management and training, I see the same very important missing component that I saw more than 20 years ago. So don’t do what everyone else is doing because that’s not working.

You know it’s not contact center leaders fault that these two priorities exist at such a high rate of need. But did you know, the solution to this problem has also been available for the last 20 years? And it’s probably what you suspected.

That’s correct, it’s the customer.

customers-grade-the-callsLook, we all know we have to be more customer-centric. That means in order to become more customer-centric we must use customer-driven coaching in order to improve agent and company performance. If your customer is not one of your core elements in helping you determine how to conduct performance management or how to construct your training it’s not to deliver your ultimate desired outcome. A better customer experience.

So how do you incorporate customer-driven coaching into improving agent performance management, coaching and training? It’s by allowing your customers to the grade the call.

what-is-your-tp-reportNow I’m not talking about surveying. Surveying is for monkeys. You have to change your mindset and your process to be more evaluation-focused versus feedback-focused.

When you do this and include the Survey Calibration process you will receive insight, from your customers, that will enable to have customer driven performance management, customer driven coaching, customer driven training, and a more customer centric contact center.

Now in a world that rewards customer experience performance if you are able to make this transition you will launch in front your competition and soar to new heights.

Access the Contact Center Challenges & Priorities Special Report here

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Jim Rembach is a panel expert with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and an SVP for Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM). Jim spent many years in contact center operations and leverages this to help others. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner and frequently quoted industry expert. Call Jim at 336-288-8226 if you need help with customer-centric enhancements.

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