Customer Relationship Metrics’ Most Comical Contact Center Stories

Customer Relationship Metrics’ Most Comical Contact Center Stories

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customers-grade-the-callsSometimes it’s good to take a break from the serious, so let’s look back at some of our funniest stories.  Wild, 10+ hour customer experience calls, dissatisfied customers completely destroying brick-and-mortar stores, customer service terrorists going on multi-social channel rants — these are just some of our most shockingly true and amusing stories, and we hope you agree.  They just have to make you laugh (what else can you do). Do you have a customer experience story or an outlandish customer comment that is laugh-out-loud ridiculous like those below?  Tweet us @crmetrics and tell us all about it!

  • Man destroys T-Mobile store with fire extinguisher – In Manchester, England a T-Mobile customer learned he would not get a refund.  He chose not to take his case to social media, instead he destroyed the store and used a fire extinguisher to spray the place.
  • Send all of your Crazy Customers to Zappos Contact Center – Zappos wants to provide excellent service to everyone in their contact center, including the crazy customers that want to stay on the phone for 10-and-a-half hours.
  • How high is your Dysfunction Index? – Services for homeowners are intertwined.  I need a phone line for my alarm system to be monitored properly.  What happens when the alarm system cannot connect to the phone and neither the phone service company nor the alarm company will cop to the issue or help me resolve it?  Cha-ching to the Dysfunction Index money!
  • When customer service terrorists strike! – Too many customers are gaining fame by attacking companies because their unrealistic customer expectations were not met.  Does anyone stop to think that maybe these customers are totally full of it?
  • How is Social CRM impacting your traditional customer service channels? – With Facebook pages and Twitter handles and this, that and the other, is anyone even picking up the phone anymore to be served by one of your agents?  You bet they are and what callers experience has been affected by your Social CRM.  Seriously!
  • Your parents put you in the call center – As you look around the office at your coworkers out there in the cubicle farm, do you ever find yourself wondering how you ended up in your chair?  It has to be some kind of gravitational pull into a career in service because you didn’t wake up one morning when you were 17 and say “I’m going to college so I can be a manager and then an executive in a call center.”

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