Is Dial to Disconnect Causing Your Speech Analytics Insights to Fail?

//Is Dial to Disconnect Causing Your Speech Analytics Insights to Fail?

Is Dial to Disconnect Causing Your Speech Analytics Insights to Fail?

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When our CEO says, “I can’t see the whole picture.”  I know she is feeling a lot of anxiety about making the wrong decision.  An incorrect decision made today is much worse and harder to recover from than a wrong decision just a few years ago.  Every call center is operating more lean and the loss of anything (time, money, people) from a wrong decision can be disastrous.  So the insights you depend upon must be comprehensive and cannot fail you.

Picture this:  I recently was experiencing slow speeds with my DSL connection at home.  After rebooting my modem, router and PC, I called my service provider because the connection was still slow.  Oh, how painful it was waiting (and waiting) for web pages to load.

When I called the call center I was met with several IVR menus that used their more technical terminology and not mine; or any other customers, I suspect.  After I stumbled through the maze, I made it to a call center agent who asked me to answer the same questions I just answered in the IVR.  This took about 30 more seconds which may not seem like much, but I am sure it adds up since this company is HUGE.

Now, I am not going to get into the call center offshore or call center onshore argument, but I was not able to communicate with this agent.  I stated that I had already completed all of the rebooting, connected directly to the modem, and tried it with another machine; as I have been through the process with a previous issue a few months prior.  Yet despite this, the script had to be followed and I sat there (I already did these things) saying, “okay” after being instructed on what I was supposed to do next.  This step added an additional 3:36 seconds to that call.  Doesn’t seem like much but, I had work to do.  I no longer cared if they were losing money with this waste…I’m losing time which is my currency at risk.

Once we completed this painful process, I was transferred to Tier 2 technical support.  Now I had to validate several of the things that I already completed.  I was then put on hold three times for several minutes each while they spoke with an engineer to do a network line test.  I was not permitted to talk to the engineer or hear their conversation.  When they finally came back on the line I was told that a technician would have to be dispatched.

Before I called the call center I suspected this was going to be the end result; I was just hoping we could have gotten there in half the time it actually took.

So what does this have to do with speech analytics software?  Everything!  For the CEO to understand what occurred from my dial to my disconnect and to reduce costs and improve satisfaction visibility is critical.

Most speech analytics software fail in this situation because it does not link all of the interactions in a call flow.  It does not give the entire picture.  My interactions were in the IVR and then with two different call center agents. With most speech analytics software, my call would be visible in pieces, with two call center agent interactions and no IVR interaction analytics.  I wonder if the CEO would consider this a big risk?  Do you?

A video on Dial to Disconnect can be found here, but why not check out the whole series of Speech Analytics videos here.

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