Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

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Putting Humanity in Contact Centers 2017-08-25T00:46:01+00:00

Learn how to disrupt contact center performance management get rid of the inhumane practices that contribute to a bad employee and customer experience.

Put Humanity in Your Contact Center

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End your Inhumane Contact Center Practices

To disrupt, or to be disrupted, that is the question.

If you were to stop and think about people working with telephones to serve customers, call centers have been around since the creation of the telephone company.

But for decades the industry has been plagued with low morale and high turnover of employees. Many claim that it’s an inherent part of the job. Yet some contact centers seem to be exceptions and are able to defy this common thought.

If you we’re to analyze the exceptions to the rule, you would discover different performance management practices exist within these centers versus their high-turnover counterparts.

This is an opportunity to learn modern ways to improve agent and company performance. When you do so, you will quickly discover and conclude that many of the performance management practices you are using today in this high-turnover low-morale contact center industry is unfair and inhumane.

Now is the time for you to lead this industry into a prosperous (humane) future.

Download this ebook, and you’ll find a proven and specific method that high-performing contact centers use to be exceptional and uncommon. These leading techniques and approaches will help you to avoid failures and be a leader in this new-age customer experience driven world.

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New Ways to Win the Contact Center Budget War

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For the past several decades, organizations like Verint, J.D.Power and Associates, the Incoming Calls Management Institute (ICMI), and the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) have used our know-how and expertise. We have designed and operated contact center performance management programs using the voice of the customer for large brands and small organizations. This white paper is your chance to learn what’s best.

Our work in contact centers began in the early 1990s at Purdue University. The beginning can be easily tracked to the lack of an adequate answer to the question asked of many contact center management teams – “how do you know you are providing good service?”

For over 20 years, we have designed and operated a Voice of the Customer performance management tool with our VoC programs generating a 300% greater return than simple customer feedback programs. We create buy-in and and action for contact center leaders. We help them answer the question – “What is the Best Thing to do to provide better service?”

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