E-Commerce Times spotlights Text BI

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E-Commerce Times spotlights Text BI

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Last week we formally announced Text BI™, our latest managed service offering. In advance of the announcement, I spent some time talking with Denise Deveau from E-Commerce Times about this news, as well as the general challenge of harnessing unstructured data. In a story that she published based on our conversation, Denise explained the basics of Text BI:

“Text BI enables companies to take unstructured text-based data from surveys, emails, social media, CRM systems and other applications, and organize it into a format that makes it easier to analyze.”

She also included some of my thoughts about the human element of the big data equation, and the lack of skilled analyst talent that is making it extremely difficult for some companies to truly take advantage of the data at their fingertips.

For more information from our interview, check out Denise’s full story, “Customer Relationship Metrics Takes on the Unstructured Data Challenge.” And for additional details on our Text BI offering, check out the full press release below.

Customer Relationship Metrics Launches Managed Service for Text Analytics

Sterling, VA—April 2, 2012—Data is everywhere, and for a smart enterprise none of it can be ignored. Data in obscure places in the cloud, on the web, or in deep pockets of the data center has value and, if carefully analyzed, can deliver great insight into the health of the organization and its relationships with customers.

In response to this challenge, Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. has launched Text BI™, the latest in a suite of managed analytics solutions offered by the company. Text BI provides a solution for companies to take unstructured text-based data from surveys, emails, social media, CRM systems and other applications, and organize it into a format that makes it easy to analyze.

Dr. Jodie Monger, founder and president of Customer Relationship Metrics, says, “In the big data era, companies want to tap into vast information resources – both online and within their own data centers – to glean valuable information about customer experiences, fraud, and competition. Yet the technology to turn this vision into reality is often expensive and time-consuming to deploy, or falls short because of a lack of analytical talent to convert the data into business intelligence.”

Dr. Monger continued, “Text BI gives customer-centric enterprises an important means for leveraging big data and turning it into real business action that reduces costs, drives revenue, and enhances relationships with customers.”

Deployment of Text BI begins with a thorough assessment of the data sources that are most important to the company. Armed with this information, Customer Relationship Metrics creates a roadmap and puts the proper tools in place to define a cohesive strategy for collecting and analyzing data. Once Text BI is deployed, customers have regularly scheduled meetings with analysts who are trained to review and interpret the data being collected.


Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C., headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, is a provider of managed call center analytics and advisory services. Customer Relationship Metrics’ business intelligence solutions use SaaS data collection and reporting tools combined with subject matter expertise to significantly lower the in-house total cost of ownership and to eliminate the skilled personnel gap.
For more information, visit their award-winning blog at http://www.metrics.net/blog, or their website at http://www.metrics.net.

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