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The most unique and exclusive award program for contact centers!

The companies, centers, teams, and agents honored by an Elite Customer Experience Award have displayed consistent performance excellence. Unlike other award programs that capture data from customers that have never interacted with the company or are captured in a very short snap shot in time, the Elite Customer Experience Awards are about commitment, consistency, and integrity.

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The companies, centers, teams, and agents competing for an Elite Customer Experience Award are evaluated for an entire year. While other award programs allow assessments to be “after” the busy season, companies competing for an Elite Customer Experience Award are assessed continuously throughout the year. They must perform at high levels every day, on every call and from every agent.

Service failures during peak season cannot be swept under the rug but is assimilated into the annual data set to normalize for different peaks and valleys across industries and regions. Promising and failing to deliver will be uncovered.

Commitment to customer-centricity and consistency is what customers expect and is what Elite Customer Experience Award candidates must deliver. The winners deliver day in and day out, regardless of the time of day, time of month, or time of year.

Another unique factor of the Elite Customer Experience Awards is that all of the customer evaluations are captured in real-time, as the interaction occurs, via the EQM program (External Quality Monitoring). In other words, captured at the moment of truth when the customer evaluation is full of the emotion that drives loyalty and engagement and allows for the reduction of customer attrition and spread of negative word-of-mouth. The customer experience analytics from this empirical method fuel the drive to “elite”.

You might ask, what makes an Elite Customer Experience award winner different from the rest? These companies, centers, teams, and agents “act” on a commitment to the customer experience and have successfully harnessed the power and intelligence of their voice of the customer insights to execute change. These organizations provide more than lip service to customer-centricity and have engineered performance results. Some highlights from winners are:

  • 16.7% reduction in repeat call volume
  • 5% reduction in customer attrition
  • Reduced costs to acquire new customers (due to positive word-of-mouth)
  • Increased lifetime customer values
  • Increased employee engagement

The Elite Customer Experience Award winners are determined based on customer-defined performance on a number of experience indicators including (but not limited to) call resolution, effectiveness of service, interaction in generating future revenue and accuracy. The analysis was conducted using the evaluations (surveys) from customers of each company.

You could just say, customers have been appreciating their work and the Elite Customer Experience Awards tell the story.