How to Win an Elite Customer Experience Award

//How to Win an Elite Customer Experience Award
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The new-found respect and recognition received from winning an Elite Customer Experience Award is priceless.

Winning an Elite Customer Experience Award from Customer Relationship Metrics proves you have made a long-term commitment to consistently delivering elite level customer experiences in your contact center.

To be eligible organizations must be enrolled in the EQM program (External Quality Monitoring) from Customer Relationship Metrics. With an EQM program your customer is granted the opportunity to evaluate the service your call center is delivering in real-time. Many elements are captured that are used to develop customer experience analytics and actionable insights.

By capturing the customer perception of the experience at this critical moment of truth, customer insights that drive loyalty and advocacy for your company are scientifically derived. Additionally, the EQM program provides value through:

  • Customer Experience Analytics via the Voice of the Customer Performance Manager (VoCPM™)
    Scorecards to the agent level
  • A Survey Calibration process that insures accurate reporting
  • Thought leadership from the leader in customer experience analytics for the call center industry
  • Membership to a benchmarking group of elite focused organizations
    and more…

Unlike other programs that have little long-term impact and even create doubt in the marketplace, the Elite Customer Experience Awards are different in truly meaningful ways. These awards reflect long-term commitments and consistency and showcase the highest level of customer satisfaction.

By tracking your performance with a continuous method, the analysis is not a snapshot in time where award level performance may be observed or not due to timing. Consistent performance day after day, call after call, by every front-line representative of your organization defines elite-level performance – by your customer at the critical moment of truth.

Participation in an EQM program has the benefit of quantifying the annual effect of improvements realized by leveraging the customer intelligence. The results of the Elite Customer Experience Awards are not proclamations of all who have not won because every organization using EQM has improved during the year.

The Elite Customer Experience Award winners are determined based on customer-defined performance on a number of experience indicators including (but not limited to) call resolution, effectiveness of service, interaction in generating future revenue and accuracy. The analysis was conducted using the evaluations (surveys) from customers of each company. More than 230,000 customer satisfaction surveys where analyzed by the expert support of the research and client services team at CRM. Review client list click.

Do you have what it takes to be an elite performer? Are you ready to become the most admired? Become an elite performer and end the status quo. Call our Chief Spokesman, Jim Rembach, at 336-288-8226 to begin your journey to “elite.”

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