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fifteen-minutes-timerFill out the request below for a complimentary check-up of your contact center Quality Assurance program (company and customer evaluation processes).  You may call 336-288-8226 if you prefer.

The complimentary contact center quality check-up takes approximately 15-minutes of your time to provide the content needed.  We will return a report that will provide greater insights into how you can lower costs, increase agent performance, be more customer-centric, and get more value from your QA program without installing hardware or software.  Your report will identify aspects in which you can remove low-value activities from your Quality Assurance processes.

Consultations typically focus on:

  • Value of your Quality Assurance program
  • Net Promoter potential
  • Agent Performance potential
  • Closing gap between company and customer measured quality
  • First Contact Resolution potential

You may also identify another focus area (besides/in addition to those listed above) such as employee engagement, customer-driven coaching, customer effort, process improvement, or an area that is unique to your business.

Complete the form below and we will contact you to schedule an acceptable day and time with our lead data scientist Dr. Jodie Monger. Please provide accurate information to the questions below, and we will get in touch within one business day.

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