Can Free Speech Analytics Software Overcome the 3 Barriers to Adoption?

//Can Free Speech Analytics Software Overcome the 3 Barriers to Adoption?

Can Free Speech Analytics Software Overcome the 3 Barriers to Adoption?

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The speech analytics software market is growing rapidly, even in this recessionary market. Despite this fact, many organizations are not launching speech analytics programs. Even though they greatly desire the publicized benefits of:

  • Improving First Call Resolution Rates
  • Eliminating agent-handled volume
  • Reducing talk times
  • Reducing hold-time
  • Reducing transfers
  • Overall cost to operate reductions
  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Improving Sales Performance

So why are they sitting this one out? When I have conversations with call center managers and call center directors, the same three reasons are heard over and again. The top three barriers I hear are:

1.   The software is very expensive.

2.   We have a huge lack of internal IT resources.

3.   We have a large gap between the internal skills possessed and internal skills needed.

Are these the same challenges you face when trying to implement a Speech Analytics program?

When I had the opportunity to share these conversations with Dr. Jodie Monger, she presented a solution.  She then laid out a plan to attack these barriers to speech analytics implementations head-on.

free contact center resourcesShe mentioned that Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM) was the first organization to use hosted data collection and reporting systems in a managed service for call centers in the early 1990’s with the External Quality Monitoring (EQM) program.  And now we can also impact the barriers to implementing a speech analytics program with our expert know-how, hosted systems and free speech analytics software for qualified candidates.

And so on 12/15/10, it became official with a press release on PRNeswire.

There are many reasons why a call center organization would elect an on-demand managed speech analytics service.  Several industry analysts and studies report a significant time and cost investment needed to implement and operate a speech analytics software program.

In the press release, Dr. Jodie Monger, CEO of CRM said, “We agree with the speech analytics software vendors and industry analysts; the skills needed to maximize the investments with speech analytics require highly specialized talent that are very difficult to find, to develop, and to retain.  Our clients want to reduce the business risk of losing these special individuals by having our experienced team support them.  By adding the free software option, we have eliminated barriers to launching a very actionable and valuable speech analytics program.”

If you would like to learn more about FREE Speech Analytics Software it can be viewed here.

For a video series on Speech Analytics, click here.

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