Infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV

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Infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV

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Want to solve ALL your customer experience and contact center issues TODAY? It’s easy! Get the infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV and learn about the multivitamins you can give your agents to improve engagement energy! Or you can use the Customer Experience in a spray to instantly provide that WOW experience…

I’m obviously kidding. If only it were that simple, right? We’ve all seen those infomercials touting the latest quick-fix unbelievable products that you must have. After being in this industry for a few decades, I see some of the claims of many contact center solution vendors not falling too far from this infomercial tree.

Those with valuable experience know that meaningful transformation takes hard work and dedication, especially when it comes to your contact center. The infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV covers employee engagement, improved customer experiences, voice of the customer needs, quality assurance wows, overcoming cross-functional barriers, difficulty in managing hold times; these are issues that plague many contact centers and truly require skilled experts to help in resolving, not some software purchase, or silly infomercial product.


Infographic of contact center solutions like we see on TV origins

So for a long time, I thought about many of the wacky products you’ll find in this infographic of contact center solutions. I like to call it an “infolaughic” instead. Because sometimes you just have to laugh at some of the product claims that are out there.

While creating this infolaughic, I tried to make it to where you can use the elements in your presentations, articles, and business cases. Hey, we all need a laugh. Have fun, share them and use them. If you would like something that is not available on the infographic of contact center solutions download page, let me know. The easiest way is to call me at 336-288-8226.

Also, if you have other ideas for amazing contact center products, I would be happy to try to create them for the next infolaughic. Share them by commenting on this post and you will get credit for the incredible contact center product discovery.

customers-grade-the-callsFor disclosure purposes, you will find reference on the product labels to and ©Contact Center Dreamers.  WWIWTE stands for We Wish It Was That Easy. I made these up; they do not exist. Do not try to research it unless you want to buy the miraculous Get Back Some of My Life gel due to foolish internet search attempts.

I hope you enjoy the infolaughic of contact center solutions. Share it, Pin it, laugh at it. Have fun.

About Jim Rembach

Jim Rembach is a panel expert with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and an SVP for Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM). Jim spent many years in contact center operations and leverages this to help others. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner and frequently quoted industry expert. Call Jim at 336-288-8226 if you need help with customer-centric enhancements.

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  • Kattia Bolanos

    very nice “infolaughic” thank you for sharing 🙂