Agent desktop analytics delivers what CRM can’t

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Agent desktop analytics delivers what CRM can’t

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We’ve talked a lot lately about our advisory and managed analytic service solutions that look at external sources of data, like social media and customer conversations.  But just as important are those internal sources that are often overlooked.  Today, we announced the availability of Desktop Activity BI (Business Intelligence), a service solution that delivers targeted recommendations to improve the customer experience and reduce costs by analyzing and interpreting data that has been collected at the contact center agent desktop.

Taking a closer look at what applications are being used the most (or not at all), how and why workflows are being interrupted, where duplicated actions are needed, etc., can help Customer Relations Metrics’ analysts provide what CRM software can’t and inform companies as to what changes need to be made to improve customer relationships.  And as we said in our press release on Desktop Activity BI, “By addressing these problems, companies can often increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce the need for training, while at the same time making the experience better for both employees and customers.”

Check out the full press release below, and let us know if you have any questions.

Customer Relationship Metrics Launches Business Intelligence Managed Service to Analyze Desktop Activity

Sterling, Va.—April 26, 2012—Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. the latest in a suite of managed analytics services offered by the company. Desktop Activity BI analyzes desktop activity and application performance data to provide insight into trends, best practices and needed improvement. This data can guide customers in improving company policies, compliance and application usage.

Dr. Jodie Monger, founder and president of Customer Relationship Metrics, says, “Many call center managers think they’re in need of more training programs to teach agents how to better utilize the multitude of applications and programs necessary to do their jobs. But instead, they would receive more than a ten-fold business benefit by better streamlining processes, making the jobs of call center agents easier, and in turn improving customer experience.”

“Desktop Activity BI gives call center-based enterprises a window into the life of a call center agent. They can see where workflows are being interrupted by slow-to-respond desktop apps, hardware or software issues, which apps are used most often and actively, and which are not used at all. They can see how much copying and pasting between applications is required. They can see time wasted on non-work related activities,” continued Dr. Monger. “All of this can ultimately drive corrective actions and changes to how agents work and performing legal compliance. By addressing these problems, companies can often increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce the need for training, while at the same time making the experience better for both employees and customers.”

Deployment of Desktop Activity BI begins with a thorough assessment of the company’s current customer experience-based business intelligence solutions, followed by the creation of a targeted project. Based on this plan, Customer Relationship Metrics puts the proper tools in place to collect and analyze data. Once the findings and impacts are calculated, clients meet with analysts who are trained to review and interpret the data.


Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C., headquartered in Sterling, Va., is a provider of managed call center analytics and advisory services. Customer Relationship Metrics’ business intelligence solutions use SaaS data collection and reporting tools combined with subject matter expertise to significantly lower the in-house total cost of ownership and to eliminate the skilled personnel gap.

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