What do you do with your Left Shark in your contact center?

What do you do with your Left Shark in your contact center?

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What about the Left Shark in your contact center?What do you do with the Left Shark in your contact center? After experiencing what happened as a result of the dancing sharks at Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl halftime show, it led me to think about how we react to differences in people.

Instead of the Left Shark being dinged because it was not in sync or in compliance with the Right Shark and what is expected behavior, the Left Shark was praised and stole the show. People are totally fascinated with the Left Shark and it generated a social media frenzy.

What about the Left Shark in your contact center?

The reaction to the Left Shark started me to thinking about a recent conversation I had with Marlo, a customer experience leader. She was telling me about her concerns with confidence in their Quality Assurance program. Specifically she was saying that what they were measuring with the Voice of the Customer program was not aligning with what they were measuring with the internal quality monitoring scores. She was very concerned that contact center agents that were receiving high voice the customer scores were unable to meet the requirements of their internal quality monitoring measurement.

Marlo was concerned that they were driving out the behaviors that generate higher voice the customer performance. She was concerned that the negative impact of this is going to generate unintentional consequences that will take several months to recover from. You know and I know that she is correct.

Let’s test how you treat your Left Shark

CTA-quality-assurance-check-up-300x100.pngPeople had so much fun with the Voice of the Customer Resolutions Quiz that I put together this quiz on what you do with the Left Shark in your center.

So go ahead and have fun and share it. Do all of us a favor and use the comments section below to tell us how your contact center treats the Left Shark.

If you struggle with the quality gap like Marlo, it’s probably time to take our Complimentary Contact Center Quality Check-up. And if you want more Left Shark, go check him out on Facebook.

Below Use THE UP ARROW IF IT’S A FOCUS and the down arrow if it’s not. Please leave your comments and share your thoughts.

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