Mind-blowing reality contact center agents share with doctors

Mind-blowing reality contact center agents share with doctors

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In this video learn about Doctor Ava Knight and her plight with delivering the best patient (customer) experience. Ava became a doctor because she loves to help people, she loves to connect with people, she likes to build relationships, she likes to know she has made a difference in the lives of people. Ava shares a lot of similar characteristics with contact center agents, and the attributes of people that are sought out for hire by contact centers. But Ava is also experiencing the mind-blowing reality contact center agents share with doctors.

After you watch this video, you are going to think about your personal stories of the doctors you like, the time you spend in the waiting room, and the time you spend in the examining room and begin to connect your personal reality to the life and plight of contact center agents. If you are like most, you will probably laugh at this story. But it’s not going to be a laugh based in humor. It’s probably going to come from some other place that feels more uncomfortable that gives you that hair stand up on your neck feeling.

Mind-blowing reality contact center agents and doctors share for download

26-contact-center-surveying-free-videos-registerThis video is available for you to download in full HD format and use. It can be a great tool to get the moral of this story across to the people who need to do something different to impact agent morale and turnover, and performance management. Just click on the watch video button to go to the video download page.

Are the statistics real?

Yes, they are. In fact, Ava Knight’s (story name) story is also real. Ava decided to go part-time and dramatically decrease her workload because of the issues you will learn about when you watch this story. I personally know Ava and have seen this story progress in real life. Will Ava return to full-time practice? I am not certain. What I am certain of, she is much happier because her part-time status does not require the same constraints you’ll learn about. I also know that a lot of her patients are now stuck with a doctor that is not as good as Ava with patient relations. Hopefully, you will not experience the same fate.

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