Nine words to stop using to describe your quality assurance program

//Nine words to stop using to describe your quality assurance program

Nine words to stop using to describe your quality assurance program

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There’s nine words you want to stop using or living now if you want your quality assurance program to be perceived as a having value. customers-grade-the-callsAnd there’s nine words that you want to start using and live more often.

We all know that words can have a huge impact on how we both perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. If you look at a lot of the words that we typically use in contact centers to describe the ork that we do and manage, you’re going to find that many of them will portray the perception that we’re all about production.

contact-center-quality-transformation-graphic.jpgJust look at this Quality Transformation Chart. If you look at the left side of this chart you’ll find many of the words that I know I have used when I was in operations. And you’ll find many of them in use today. And a very frequent occurrence.

However, when you think about what customers are looking for us to do these days and where we need to take our Contact Centers, we really need to be focusing in on this. There are two words that are on the right side at this chart so instead of thinking about transactions were thinking about experiences more often and you know what we have to use those words.

Same thing when you look even from a perspective of agents. You know we don’t want it to demean them, instead we want to actually coach and develop, so that they deliver a better customer experience.

The words that we choose will make us who we are both internally and externally. So think about the words that you and your team are utilizing and how you are making you people feel in your contact center.

Maybe it’s time for a little bit of a vocabulary and behavior checkup. Those things can really have a big impact. Believe it or not there was even a time when an organization just change the lights and the carpet and their customer satisfaction scores went up by over 10 percent. Those were just environment things.

Just imagine what using words and behaving in a positive manner can actually do for you. Because we know they can make or break us.

So as the saying goes, names will never hurt you, we know better. They sure do.

You can get this chart within the our Resource Library along with several other items. Or you can get this and other charts about our Impact Quality Assurance Model. Download them all for free and make sure you use it to change your outcome.

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