Notes on Thriving in Contact Center Performance Webinar

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Notes on Thriving in Contact Center Performance Webinar

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In the webinar Thriving in Contact Center Performance: Your Quality Recipe for Awesomeness (check webinar times) you will find several helpful pieces of insight that can help you to get higher performance from your supervisors and agents.

Another thing you will find are several good quotes that you can use to help inform and educate your peers and internal stakeholders. Below are several you can take and tweet. Please share them as often as you need to.

If you you are still yet to participate in the webinar:


Watch as @kohldee helps you overcome poor contact center performance.

“We often look to others but we don’t want to duplicate what they’re doing.”

“There’s got to be a better way to fix this quality monster.”

“The Voice of the Customer was the one thing that helped me with my AHA.”

“QA and Agents didn’t like the process because they felt it was something being done TO them.”

“Quality was owned by the leadership, not the agents.”

“The (old) QA process is a vicious, vicious circle.”

“Agents feel they have no control to improve quality.”

“More than 90% of agents are totally dissatisfied with the traditional quality assurance.”

“Start moving past the ding and getting to agent development in Quality Assurance.”

“If you give employee engagement fluff, then you are going to get fluff back.”

“Engagement with employees equals engagement with customers.”

“What is your RALLY CRY in your contact center?”

“I’m going to work to be a part of those quality results.”

“Comments directly from the customer can change an agent’s perspective almost immediately.”

“It’s humans helping humans, serve humans.”

“I’ve never been a fan at looking at what other people are doing.”

“Stop trying to read the customer’s mind.”

“90% of contact center leaders say integrity is most important to them.”

“How do we make sure we are focusing on the right metrics?”

“You need to be sure you are asking these questions especially during time of change.”

“Turnover and low morale is NOT the nature of the contact center industry beast.”

“An individual agent can’t move NPS significantly by themselves.”

“When is it time to get quality right? It’s right now!”

“That turned Quality from a vicious circle to a happy circle.”

“No longer can it be what we’ve done; it has to be what we need to do.”

“We can all make a difference if we work together.”

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