Resolutions for a better working me (take any that you need for your list!)

/, Customer Experience, Relationship Analytics/Resolutions for a better working me (take any that you need for your list!)

Resolutions for a better working me (take any that you need for your list!)

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Every year around this time I find myself reflecting on the months that have passed and what I wish I would have done, not done, done better or done differently.  At the risk of appearing like a new-year’s-resolution-gym-rat that is rarely seen past February, I’ll share my list of 2012 professional resolutions to include dumping reports that aren’t used, carving out creative time, looking for best practices in other industries that I can apply, and focusing on preventing the damage caused by not leveraging customer sentiment.

1.  To focus on the things that matter.  We all have a “to do” list that we likely dread looking at because of its sheer volume / length.  There’s nothing quite as satisfying as scratching an item off the list, even if you know it’s not the most important item, or even a value-add item, right?  In 2012, I resolve to minimize the number of tasks on my to do list by only including the items that offer insights into the business, add value to my customers or provide direct benefit my organization.  The things which are likely to fall off the list in 2012 as a result?  Reports that no one looks at, reports that people look at yet do nothing with, and presentation decks that are so repetitive month to month that even I get bored creating them, etc, etc, etc.

2.  To be even more militant about customer sentiment.  The business partners that I work with often hear me use the phrase “the quantitative data tells you what is happening, the qualitative (customer comments) tell you why.”  Customer sentiment cannot be ignored without foregoing the value that is needed for an organization to differentiate itself from competitors.  Everyone has customer conversations but they are not analyzed.  Many have customer feedback programs that do not include explanations from the customer about the numeric score given.  And still more have customer explanations that are not analyzed.  Customer Sentiment Analytics is on my list again for 2012, but with an even higher point of focus.  This one should definitely be on your list!

3.  To create time for creativity.  As many of you know, I do math (analytics) for a living.  Math has always come naturally to me and it fits quite well with how my mind inherently functions.  Writing is quite a departure for me, a departure I sincerely enjoy, but a departure nonetheless.  The past 12-18 months have taught me that I do my best writing at night, when I am not at my desk, and when physical exhaustion has divorced me of my rigidly-linear thinking patterns.  So in 2012 I resolve to work out in the evenings (instead of in the early morning hours) so that I can return home inspired and ready to write!

4.  To think about old problems in new ways.  A big part of why I love my role at Customer Relationship Metrics is the wide variety of business partners with which I work.  Each of these organizations is unique and diverse with a different set of successes, challenges, operating models, products / services, etc.  Working with these business partners makes for a highly varied work week and a work environment in which I am constantly learning.  The challenge is that I walk into every new environment with the same (old) set of beliefs, base of knowledge best-practices, etc.  In 2012 I resolve to read more subject-matter by experts outside of the Customer Experience and Call Center industries so that I can be exposed to new ideas and apply them to my business intelligence work with existing business partners.

What are your professional resolutions for working better?

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Jim Rembach is a panel expert with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and an SVP for Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM). Jim spent many years in contact center operations and leverages this to help others. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner and frequently quoted industry expert. Call Jim at 336-288-8226 if you need help with customer-centric enhancements.

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