Will Santa bring You good stuff or that plastic piece of junk?

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Will Santa bring You good stuff or that plastic piece of junk?

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It’s that time of year again when nearly every news program highlights the ‘must-have’ gifts for this holiday season.  One of these items is on the list to Santa and after quite a few sold-out stores I found the $49.99 thing.  It was hard to tell the quality based on how it was packaged, but I bought it anyway in the name of Santa and jingle bells.

As the elf, I need to assemble the gifts before wrapping so it would be ready to go on Christmas morning.  Honestly, I was shocked at how flimsy the parts were on this must-have item.  It also requires the more expensive D-batteries.  So here I am with this cheapo thing that cost 50 bucks and will have a higher than average cost to operate which made me think about all those articles we’ve written this year about poor product quality, un-met customer expectations and the simple fact that things aren’t made to last.  Remember the toys of our youth?  My mom still has my Etch A Sketch and it works just as well as it did when I was 10. Believe me, that was a long time ago.

Our expectations for products have skyrocketed as our budgets have become tighter while the products we’re buying have never been more cheaply made.  Will we as service providers be able to work effectively within this gap?  How are you preparing your team for the widening product quality gap in 2012, especially what’s coming your way in post-holiday January?

“I replaced a kitchen appliance that I had for 15 years and this new one crapped out after only 4 years.  Same brand and nearly the same model but one thing’s for sure the quality is NOT the same.”

“Good thing I bought the extended warranty on my new lawn mower because days before the manufacturer’s warranty expired, the whole thing stopped working.”

“I think your equipment, especially your battery charger, should last more than two or three years.  They should last forever and they should be warranted forever.”

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