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Contact center Voice of the Customer (VoC) services are for organizations that want access to expertise that will support them in becoming more customer-centric. The VoC experts at Customer Relationship Metrics can help you to impact your performance quickly while reducing your risk of mistakes, lost time, and low ROI.

We help you to capitalize on the massive potential that VoC has the potential to provide on customer retention, acquisition, and cost reduction efforts in your contact center. We enable customer-centric transformations by revealing the unknown and recommending specific actions that drive you beyond your expectations.

Skill gaps and IT resource barriers with advanced data collection and reporting solutions will not prevent you from experiencing greater success by using voice of the customer and business intelligence solutions, when you work with us.

We all know, the most affordable and lower risk option is to leverage deep subject matter experts that focus on data integrity. You may be considering this specialized knowledge services or augmenting your existing investments or be looking to avoid the IT burden by using a managed service provider with hosted systems. You may also be looking for support to increase your existing investments. Learn why brands choose us and register for your no obligation consultation today.

Customer Relationship Metrics is a contact center consulting firm that provides professional voice of the customer managed services that focus on behavioral analytics and related practices for customer experience business intelligence purposes with a deep domain expertise in contact centers. Our specialty is in solving customer experience big data problems that unintentionally constrain the execution of customer experience strategies for organizations.

Our services begin with a Client Immersion process meeting with top-level executives to pinpoint strengths and aspirations, establish baselines, design strategy and ensure clarity of organizational objectives. Customer Relationship Metrics will own the process, manage costs, expectations and outcomes, and report regularly to your executive management team, all with an objective of exceeding ROI estimates.

External Quality Monitoring (Our most popular)

Our flagship service where we design and operate contact center VoC programs for performance management and talent development. This program allows your customers (external quality assessors) to evaluate your contact center agents and service delivery. This takes surveying beyond a voice of the customer or feedback program (by including our exclusive Survey Calibration process) which enables you to fairly create contact center agent scorecards from post-call IVR surveys and web surveys. Customers get the feeling of fairness by monitoring you for quality assurance purposes and contact center agents get a feeling of fairness and trust because you use Survey Calibration. You also get customer comments and specific coaching and training suggestions directly from customers. This award-winning managed contact center VoC service removes your burden and can be operational in less than 30 days by utilizing our expertise and our hosted data collection and reporting tools.



Information about the following services are combined in our services information sheet.

impact_qa_services_buttonQuality Assurance Transformation

For several years, contact centers have wanted to and needed to deliver better customer experiences. Everyone’s been talking about customer experiences, but nobody acknowledges the elephant in the room; quality assurance needs to be transformed. With the Quality Assurance Transformation process we implement the impact Quality Assurance (iQA) framework so you can get more value from QA and stop having benchmarking hold you back. Get better customer experiences, more engaged agents, and greater performance from QA infused with VoC.

Customer Experience Business Intelligence

Receive actionable insights and recommendations on customer and employee behaviors that are uncovered through the analysis of the voice of the customer and customer experience evaluations with post-call IVR surveys and email surveys. We also analyze customer comments in greater detail about your brand, employees, products, processes, and competition. It’s contact center VoC on steroids.

Speech Analytics Intelligence

Obtain actionable insights and recommendations on employee and customer behavior through the analysis of unstructured conversations in dial-to-disconnect call recordings to uncover business intelligence on your brand, employees, IVR, partners, networks, processes, and competition. Think of this a contact center VoC unplugged.

Social Media Business Intelligence

Obtain your customized roadmap to control what people are saying about you on social media platforms. This service includes an analysis of social media and company behavior that is blocking your ability to have the most positive brand impact and social customer service delivery. Think of this as proactive contact center VoC.

Operations Business Intelligence

Centralize data from disparate data sources in the enterprise then receive a data mapping analysis that results in the most meaningful data being used for reports, scorecards, charts, alerts, and dashboards for all levels. Think of this as contact center VoC in hiding.

Text Business Intelligence

Uncover meaning and get focused recommendations from analysis on unstructured text-based data from surveys, emails, social media, CRM systems, and other customer applications to unlock hidden insights. Think of this as contact center VoC in code.

Desktop Activity Business Intelligence

Gain visibility and obtain real understanding from analyzing desktop activity data that will enable you to improve business rules, compliance, company policies, and application usage. Think of this as contact center VoC enabled.

Quality Monitoring Business Intelligence

Outsource your quality monitoring program and we combine it with your customer sentiment and insights from speech analytics with dial-to-disconnect recordings, and behavioral-based call monitoring to deliver significantly higher returns to your QA investments. Think of this as new age contact center VoC.


Did you know?

  • That Customer Relationship Metrics invented post-call surveying in contact centers
  • J.D. Power and Associates used us to create the VoC segment for their Call Center Certification Program
  • We were the first to quantify first call resolution
  • Our President Dr. Jodie was the founding Associate Director of the Purdue University Center for Customer-Driven Quality
  • That we provided the first hosted solution to the contact center industry
  • You don’t have to work with us, but do it, and your testimonial will be the goal.

Customer Relationship Metrics has been leading the way in customer experience analytics and voice of the customer firsts for more than twenty years. The advisory services we provide enables organizations to get access to deep domain expertise and best-of-breed solutions without large capital investments and IT constraints.

You have insights and potential that are just waiting to be unlocked. Let’s get started today.