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External Quality Monitoring (eQM) enables your customers to grade the service they receive from you. This program is different from a typical survey or voice of the customer program because it includes our exclusive Survey Calibration process. You receive contact center agent performance scorecards using the voice of the customer that are fair and legal in a cost-effective way.

Award-winning External Quality Monitoring Services

When customers grade your calls we collect the data with our hosted CATs® (Completely Automated Telephone surveys) system. You can leverage our expertise as the inventors of post-call IVR surveying to design and operate your program for a turnkey, burden-free High Performance VoC program. You program can be configured to drive your Net Promoter (NPS), American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort, and various other benchmarking options, as you choose.


Fully hosted data collection and reporting systems are preferred by more than 80% of contact centers because it removes the burden and roadblocks of using IT.

Our exclusive Survey Calibration process elevates your VoC program to an External Quality Monitoring program that generates high levels of contact center agent buy-in and engagement.

We include real best practices in post-call IVR surveying in contact centers:

  • Multi-tiered Survey Calibration process corrects survey errors made by customers
  • Real-time access to reporting and service recovery alerts
  • Analytic Reports from cleaned data for the Company, teams, and agents
  • Agent Report Cards generated from cleaned data
  • Transcribed customer comments with censoring provided for vulgar and inappropriate comments
  • PhD support in the creation and ongoing integrity of your post-call IVR survey program
  • Fully managed and turnkey
  • No staff to hire
  • SaaS (hosted) systems

EQM SphereProgram Description

EQM (External Quality Monitoring) is Customer Relationship Metrics’ (CRM’s) most popular customer experience analytics program. Invented in 1993, the multiple award winning EQM program is a fully managed services program that combines:

SaaS (hosted) data collection via award-winning CATs® (Completely Automated Telephone surveys) real-time post-call surveydata collection system
CRM’s exclusive Survey Calibration process
Expert professional support services.
SaaS reporting systems.

EQM™ (External Quality Monitoring) is Customer Relationship Metrics’ (CRM’s) most popular customer experience analytics program. Invented in 1993, the multiple award winning EQM program is a fully managed services program that combines:

  • SaaS (hosted) data collection via award-winning CATs® (Completely Automated Telephone surveys) real-time post-call surveys
  • CRM’s exclusive Survey Calibration process
  • Expert professional support services
  • SaaS reporting systems.

Invented by CRM’s Dr. Jodie Monger, EQM programs were first deployed in call centers in the Financial Service industry in the early 1990’s. Since then, EQM programs have spread in popularity to call centers in other industries. EQM programs are built on a proven scientific framework with customization from findings during your initial discovery assessment. 

Even today, every EQM program is designed by Dr.Jodie Monger and comes with a membership to CRM’s Customer Insights to Action (CIA) user’s group. The CIA meets four times a year via web conference to share best practices, research findings, and business intelligence for improving the economics of internal and external relationships. 

In addition, CRM provides real-time voice of the customer call center benchmarking as part of your program. Compare your real-time customer satisfaction performance with other companies both in and outside your industry, every quarter. This one of a kind, real-time voice of the customer benchmarking tool helps you assess how your service stacks up and where your improvement initiatives should focus.   

Common Symptoms

Prior to implementing an EQM program our business partners complained about similar customer satisfaction measurement performance barriers. Some of their common struggles include:

  • Not having a real-time survey solution prevented them from immediately addressing angry customers from poor agent or company problems
  • Call center agent scorecards had no “individual” versus company accountability for customer satisfaction
  • Those already doing real-time post-call surveys complained of the struggles of not having survey calibration in their process. “Nobody trusts the data!”
  • Inability to connect internal quality monitoring scores with the customer experience
  • The person trained to use our survey software left or isn’t a research expert
  • Our survey software doesn’t work for our needs
  • We don’t have the IT resources or skill set to install, manage, and maintain anything for surveys.
  • We don’t want to beta test on our customers or employees, we need to get this right

Results Experienced

Our business partners agree, they do receive more than just surveys from an EQM program. Many report:

  • They just love CRM’s exclusive Survey Calibration process
  • They are grateful to receive monthly support with a CRM behavioral analyst and analytics expert for report interpretation
  • The real-time alerts from dissatisfied customers allows them to recover fast and stop repeat call problems and social media attacks
  • The Business Intelligence from their Voice of the Customer analytics is “actionable”
  • It’s so helpful to have transcribed customer’s comments. We use them for coaching, training, and fast analysis. It’s so much faster than searching through recorded files
  • Peace of mind and reduced business risk from their program being scientifically valid and legally defendable
  • “Unforced” employee engagement and leadership engagement because of the years of experience and level of subject matter expertise of the CRM team…and that all important Survey Calibration process
  • Actually feeling confident that call center agent report cards are fair and just
  • A competitive advantage over my competition as a result of this tool

Financial Impact

The financial impacts from the EQM are as diverse as the customers who take the surveys. Over the course of the years (almost 20) there have been some common results, they include:

  • 3%-10% reduction in call center operating expenses
  • 8%-25% reduction in repeat call volume (improving First Call Resolution)
  • 2%-5% increase in agent productivity
  • 15%-35% increase in sales conversion rates
  • 30%-75% decrease in customer complaints

Program Duration

Since EQM is fully managed program with hosted data collection and reporting systems it takes less than 30 days to implement. Most all business partners contract for annual (ongoing measurement) programs. Some business partners have been using CRM for their EQM program operation for more than 10 years.

Your Responsibilities

Many have stated, putting in an EQM program was “painless.” We try but we need your help. Commonly duties include: 

  • Provide CRM a primary project lead
  • Complete a request for information worksheet
  • Various key segments need to participate in a discovery process, limited to two hours in duration
  • Participate in a review of findings each month
  • Celebrate your success

Our Responsibilities

The CRM team focuses on several factors that have contributed to our long-term success. These are the same factors that permit us to best serve you. Some of them include:

  • “Never” sacrificing integrity and scientific validity
  • Continual improvement
  • Putting your business objectives and goals in front of ours

Let’s go!

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