Is social customer service spoiling us?

Is social customer service spoiling us?

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how often do we get fast customer service at the expense of good customer serviceWe live in an age of instant gratification and that most definitely applies to customer service.  We expect good service when and how we want it, 24/7.  An immediate tweet back.  A fellow Facebook fan sending across a helpful link.  We have gotten used to speed and come to expect it, nay demand it, sometimes at the expense of good, complete customer service.  In a nutshell, we in the customer service business have created a monster that is scary (and hiding under our beds!).

Here’s what you have “done to me with your fabulous customer service strategies”.  I placed an online order and scheduled an in-store pick-up, but when I arrived at the store I found the item to be out of stock.  And this item had been out of stock for more than six weeks!  How can this be, knowing you all are connected to every aspect of your business?  And furthermore you are connected to your customers (or say you are) through every possible channel too.  It turns out that the item was not going to be available for several more months even though the “all-knowing” call center agent took my order without mentioning any of this to me.   I guess my agent was more preoccupied with getting me off the phone quickly than taking the time to ensure the product I wanted was available.

CTA-11-steps-to-social-media-success-for-contact-centersThe irony of my incredible disappointment is the boast on this company’s web site of all the ways they’re delivering ‘superior’ customer service through social customer service channels.  In placing my order I had to give them my email address, my cell phone number (text) and 40 other ways to contact me about this item.  They set me up to believe in their service!

In my case, had the agent spent a few extra moment checking availability for me before pushing me off the phone it would have saved me a bit of headache and the in-store clerk a complete description of how this should not have happened.  It’s okay to be out of something, but tell me before I drive to the store to pick it up.  You have the means to prevent this customer pain, don’t you?


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Jodie Monger, Ph.D. is the president of Customer Relationship Metrics and a pioneer in voice of the customer research for the contact center industry. Before creating CRMetrics, she was the founding associate director of Purdue University's Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

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