Social Media Business Intelligence is now available

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Social Media Business Intelligence is now available

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As you may have noticed, we’ve been talking a lot this month about social media, and how it fits in with business intelligence and customer service. And that’s for good reason — more and more companies are trying to figure out how to navigate and take advantage of these (still relatively new) channels.

In response to that demand, we’ve just announced a new service offering, Social Media BI™, which is now available to our customers. Social Media BI is intended to help organizations move beyond just responding to individual complaints via social networks, and instead use these channels to identify and analyze issues that are creating the most problems for their customers. From there, we can help companies create proactive strategies for managing their social media efforts — and avoid the dreaded reactive approach.

Check out the announcement that we made this week for more information on Social Media BI, and let us know if you have any questions!


Customer Relationship Metrics Launches Social Media Business Intelligence Offering

Sterling, VA—February 27, 2012—Today Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C. launched Social Media BI, a solution for companies that want to build an effective social media strategy to improve relationships with customers and identify operational improvements.
Smart companies see social media as a valuable source of customer data, and realize that it must be integrated into the overall customer experience management (CEM) strategy, which encompasses all contact points.

With Social Media BI, customer-centric organizations can gain greater control of what customers are saying about their brand by identifying the issues that are most impacting customers. Based on this analysis, they can take specific actions that will spread positive sentiment, while fixing those problems that damage their brand.

Dr. Jodie Monger, founder and president of Customer Relationship Metrics, says, “Many companies fall into the trap of simply listening to and running after their loudest online critics. But the real challenge for consumer-focused companies is to bulletproof their relationships with customers, so that criticism is dampened or even drowned out completely by customer champions.”

Social Media BI incorporates a thorough 360-degree assessment of customer relationships. It starts with identification of those issues that lead to the greatest number of customer complaints, which is then cross-referenced with online sentiment and chatter to correlate those issues that negatively impact customer relationships and corporate reputation. Armed with this information, Customer Relationship Metrics then creates a social media roadmap to help the client execute a cohesive and proactive social media strategy.

The service also includes analysis of the company’s current social media strategies and suggests targeted new approaches that enable companies to quickly respond to online detractors, while filtering social media data points to identify best practices and areas of concern.

Dr. Monger added, “Social media is more than a marketing channel – it is an opportunity to reduce support costs by providing social customer service.”


Customer Relationship Metrics, L.C., headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, is a provider of managed call center analytics and advisory services. Customer Relationship Metrics’ business intelligence solutions use SaaS data collection and reporting tools combined with subject matter expertise to significantly lower the in-house total cost of ownership and to eliminate the skilled personnel gap.

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