You need skills-based routing for social media interaction management too

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You need skills-based routing for social media interaction management too

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So you use skills-based routing for your call center, but your organization doesn’t think it’s necessary to apply the same principles to social CRM to be successful?  Sure, the marketing department may be responsible for promoting products and service offers online, but it’s a big stretch for them to handle complex customer service issues on your social service channels.

We’ve talked about the importance of not ‘chasing the smoke’ that clutters social customer service channels so it is worthwhile to also focus on which internal departments are responding to the customer comments.  You want to maximize sales opportunities by directing those comments or inquiries to those with sales training.  If there are posts with a question about a return, it is likely that the call center is best to effectively handle the issue for a speedy exchange.  When social media customer interactions are managed correctly and promptly, it’s an experience that enhances the relationship for the customer and is, therefore, a big win for the company.

CTA-11-steps-to-social-media-success-for-contact-centersHow many opportunities like these would be missed if the wrong department was responding to them?

“I tweeted your customer service handle about an install issue I was having with your product.  To my surprise I was direct messaged by your service department within five minutes and the issue was quickly resolved.”

“I just called to place an order with your company.  Before I gave my credit card information they asked if I had any discounts to redeem.  In fact I did have a 20% discount code I received from becoming a Facebook fan.”

“A lot of people have been beating up your product online for not being reliable, myself included. I almost fell out of my chair when I was emailed a note of explanation from the company president with a free offer replacement.  I guess they were listening to us!”

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