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What’s your contact center solutions need?

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Contact center solutions over the years we have targeted three primary areas that drive contact center performance.  One or more of these – Improving Sales, Improving Service, and Reducing Costs – have been part of the focus of every contact center consulting engagement we have conducted.  Most often, two out of three become targeted outcomes and at times the target is all three.  As part of your Client Immersion process, we will work with you to determine the primary and secondary targets and then work with you to design the best plan.

Improving Sales – We use hosted systems or your existing investments to analyze and interpret surveys, text, voice conversations, customer comments, and operational metrics to uncover improvement opportunities that are otherwise hidden. We discover competitive threats, cost reduction opportunities, and service failures before they are widely known and and help you to identify where you can capitalize on your advantages.  Our recommendations will help you to better propagate winning behaviors that drive sales and marketshare.

Improving Service – We use hosted systems or your existing investments to conduct forensic and predictive data analysis to reveal people, process, or product opportunities.  We help you to determine uncontrollable versus controllable root causes and where you can take action.  With our recommendations, you will be able to influence customers to do what YOU want them to do.

Controlling Costs – We use hosted systems or your existing investments to help you do more with less. We help you identify when cost control has gone too far.  We identify the optimal levels and where you can do even more with less cost.  For many, unintended consequences have greater costs than the savings they were intending to reduce and we help to prevent that. We help you reduce costs while increasing quality.