What are you teaching your children about customer experience respect?

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What are you teaching your children about customer experience respect?

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customer experience consumerisim respectAre you teaching your children to be good consumers?  Not to be consumers of a lot of things but to BE a good consumer?  You practice the art of leading by example at the office in your role as a manager but are you mindful what the little ones are watching at home?  I’d say that most of us in the service industry try to be good consumers because we understand being on the receiving end of pleasantness or ugliness.

Here we are at the end of 2011 with a whole bunch of people who haven’t learned to be good consumers; who haven’t been taught.  There are tens of millions of people in the service industry – we have the numbers to do things differently, to lead by example and to show our children that those serving us deserve respect and the chance to earn the right to keep it.

It is entirely possible that a child was listening to his or her parent providing this feedback to one of our clients:

“I really do appreciate your rep’s help today.  I was quite concerned about my account and with her help I can understand why my bill is what it is.  Her kind help will be remembered.”

“You really need to find a different job.  I hear they are hiring at McDonalds down the street but I’m not even sure they would want you.  You seem like a loser.”

“I would love to have you as a son-in-law.  I think you live far away from us but if you lived here, I would introduce you to my daughter because she needs a good person to date instead of the ones she has found on her own.”

“I feel sorry for the next person who talks to you.  Really, I feel sorry for everyone who is unlucky enough to get you.  I hope I don’t get you the next time I call.”

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