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“Our customer service area has multiple vendor relationships and CRM is by far the best. It’s really the relationship that they’ve built with us and it goes beyond the ordinary and expected. Our company emphasizes a total care management philosophy – right down to our contact center. CRM has both the expertise and the personality we are looking for to be an effective partner. They do more than anticipate our needs, they help anticipate our family’s and patient’s needs.”

Chris Lah – Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

“The meeting we have with you each month is the most important meeting we attend.  It is a must have.  It helps us to pay attention to our data.  Each month we walk away with real actionable items allowing us to do what we do best manage and grow our business.  True data into action!”

Chuck Udzinski – Stanley Black & Decker

“Let me just say, the articles on your site are great.“ Go see!

Sheryl Henderson – Michelin North America

“Customer Relationship Metrics’ proficient service highly contributes to the satisfaction and ease of doing business with them.  Their responsiveness is excellent and allows us to respond proactively in measures we take to improve the service and quality we provide to our partners and their customers.

Sr. Manager, Contact Center Solutions-Bank of America

“Customer Relationship Metrics’ Voice of the Customer Survey provides us with direct customer feedback.  This feedback allows us to compare our quality evaluation scores with the customer’s feedback to get a more rounded picture of the customer service that we provide to our callers.”

Call Center Director, Toyota Financial Services

“We needed an accurate tool that allowed us to measure the Voice of the Customer to individuals who were actually delivering that service. We weighted that value and because of CRM we’ve now been able to understand our business better than we’ve ever been able to understand it before”

Quality Manager, Hewlitt Packard

“I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with Cliff. He is an awesome trainer, and I truly enjoyed working with him.  He was especially patient with me – my statistics is VERY rusty!!  Cliff was very encouraging, and the feedback he provided will go a long way.  Looking forward to training the material in the future.

Site Trainer, Assurant Solutions

“There is no way we would have been able to do this financial modeling on our own. You give me consumer insights I can’t otherwise get.”

Director, Global Manufacturing Firm

“We are killing our customers with good intentions! Yes, we survey our customers until it hurts both them and our companies.  This book is critical to helping us stop the madness and get focused on how we can really ‘ACT’ on the insights we gain from our customers.  If you only have one reference point for building a complete strategy for measuring the contact center’s quality of interactions, it must be this book. Buy it, read it slowly and ‘ACT on it’ with passion.” Book Review: Survey Pain Relief

Vice President, Cusomer Experience, Vonage

“As every good traveler knows, the key to a successful journey is a great road map.  Monger and Perkins have provided such a map when it comes to maximizing the use of customer satisfaction surveys.  Easy to read and understand, this is a must-read for all contact center managers using or contemplating the use of an external quality monitoring solution.” Book Review: Survey Pain Relief

Consumer Services Director, Stanley Black & Decker

“Monger and Perkins do a solid job of integrating the trade literature with academic knowledge of the survey process.  They are clearly well equipped to dispense pain relief in this field” Book Review: Survey Pain Relief

Dr. David Drews, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Juniata College

“It can’t be said better than is stated in the book: Herein lies the informed decision-making capability to obtaining meaningful customer intelligence.  Just as the health of your business is in jeopardy if you choose to ignore the voices and actions of your customers, so is it too if your method of harnessing customer intelligence yields useless, non-actionable information.  Reading this book will open your eyes to things you didn’t know that you need to know.” Book Review: Survey Pain Relief

Fredia Berry, President Call Center Industry Advisory Council (CIAC)

“A very well-written and useful book (Survey Pain Relief about how to gather sound customer information that can be used to advantage by industry.  The book selects the most relevant research and delivers critical and well-balanced advice that is both thoughtful and accessible.  These days, business people cannot avoid measuring customer response… this book tells them what to do, and what not to do.” Book Review: Survey Pain Relief

Dr. Robert East, Professor of Consumer Behavior, Kingston University, London