The Most Important Piece Missing from your VoC Program

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The Most Important Piece Missing from your VoC Program

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The most important component missing from your voice of the customer program is trust. Ironically, this is the same component that drives your customer loyalty.

If you want to rally your executives and employees around the voice of the customer then you must put in an effort that goes beyond collecting data. Do you need trust to move forward? So does everyone else. This video shows you a key element in getting the buy-in you want…getting the trust you must have.

Not Just Listening but Acting on the Voice of the Customer

In the past, companies captured voice of the customer data through live interview surveys, focus groups, complaint lines, and even from letters and e-mails, with the intent of quickly recovering from service and product failures. Though valuable, these listening and service recovery methods are no longer acceptable. Today, companies must have a formal voice of the customer (VoC) program in place to systematically capture, manage, and act on customer feedback across their enterprise rapidly and ensure that insights are generated that get incorporated into service recovery and process improvement planning. In order to do this, companies must generate large amounts of emotional energy that will fuel the change management effort. In order for you to move beyond listening to action, you must build trust in your findings and link them to your company objectives.

Not just Structured but Unstructured

For leading companies, the future is now. Formal Voice of the Customer programs have extended well beyond surveys. Surveying in general is rapidly becoming less effective for generating insights into customer behavior. Surveys are everywhere and survey fatigue is a serious problem. Constructing surveys to get feedback into what you think you want to know is misguiding many into not uncovering things they ought to know.

A recent study revealed that leading companies are investing more effort into unstructured data analysis and less into surveying. Voice analytics, text analytics, social media analytics, and voice of the customer analytics are overtaking surveying as the primary focus of customer experience professionals and voice of the customer program owners.

Only Those that GET IT it Will Get It

Analytics will not be utilized by every customer experience and voice of the customer program owner. The aptitude for analytics is not broad based enough for mass adoption. What his means is the more sophisticated will win more and there will be only a few winners. This lack of analytics sophistication will mean outsourcing of competitive intelligence analysis will increase at a more rapid rate then internal program growth.

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