For People on the Verge of Tripping on the self-service Line

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For People on the Verge of Tripping on the self-service Line

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Is it possible for self-service to trip up your customer experience? So how can you prevent your customers from falling down? In his interview at the Contact Center Demo & Conference (CCDemo) with our Jim Rembach, Chris du Toit of Jacada made me think about the best of both worlds.

As I thought about knowing when to send as much call volume to self-service, I began to think how that fit into the veterans’ view of the industry.

Stop people, send them to self-service

You don’t want the phones in your contact centers to stop ringing but you would like to reduce the numbers a little bit? Chris focuses on stopping “people from calling your contact center” and pushing calls into digital channels. Migrating these calls, he says, drives self-service up by 10% to 15%. Awesome!

Do you send them all?

He provides good advice to automate what’s best able to be automated. Your challenge is to find the balance between the two types of calls: ones that are good for self-service and ones that need a human touch. From the perspective of your company and knowing that you cannot serve everyone with human touch, being smart about what you send to automation is critical.

Set agents up for success

A study by Mattersight concluded that 66 percent of customers who call a contact center are frustrated by the time they make it to a customer service representative.

Poor self-service options will put your customers in an agitated state. This creates increased levels of channel switching and a no win situation when the customer makes it to a customer service agents.

As many contact centers make it hard for their agents to deliver outstanding customer service, you want to avoid those mistakes.

Use the customer to uncover success

customers-grade-the-callsThrough our custom designed post-call survey programs we target the customer analytics that are used to determine the most effective disposition of the inbound calls. Leverage customer comments is key to the interpretation.

By providing clients with continuous insight and analytics based on the actual Voice of the Customer, along with ratings to understand importance, call distribution plans can be optimized. Balancing efficiency and profit.

Continual discovery tracks customer changes

Through ongoing analysis you might discover that it’s necessary to move a particular call type out of self-service and another type in. You should never set it and forget it as customer preferences change and the consumer landscape changes.

Voice of the Customer analytics provide evidence of the value of agent interactions allowing you to fine-tune the call distribution plan. When you consider a relationship metric like Net Promoter Score (NPS), it’s beneficial to understand the impact when using digital channels. And when they fail to serve.

Big bottom line impact and happy customers

Of course, there is financial benefit to be gained when the cost to serve a call with an agent is considered, however, there are indirect costs of self-service to consider when devising a distribution plan. The goal is to get the most impact to your budget with respect to cost and the level of relationship metrics. Cheap can be expensive, but it does not have to be.

Case Study – Client A

Consider Client A, a contact center with 175 agents, consistently receives Net Promoter Scores of 73 when an agent interacts with the customer. NPS via the digital channel is 57. A difference worth noting to insure that the full service calls are true opportunities to retain the customer and to grow the relationship.

Case Study – Client B

Another, Client B, uses our post-call survey services to prove the gap in issue resolution caused by the digital channel. When the digital channel was not the correct call assignment and the customer must transfer to a contact center agent, the customer is now less likely to have the issue resolved by an agent after having tried self-service.

And these things happen all of the time, so a continuous measurement solution is necessary.

Getting value out of your budget

There are unintended consequences for most decisions in a contact center. The art of finessing the most value out of your budget can only be discovered by insight from your customer. By not leveraging your customer insight you’re guaranteed to fall on your face.

About Dr. Jodie Monger

Jodie Monger, Ph.D. is the president of Customer Relationship Metrics and a pioneer in voice of the customer research for the contact center industry. Before creating CRMetrics, she was the founding associate director of Purdue University’s Center for Customer-Driven Quality.

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