Is UPS or FedEx damaging FCR in your Call Center?

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Is UPS or FedEx damaging FCR in your Call Center?

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I primarily shop online and therefore get many packages delivered.  My UPS deliveryman never makes eye-contact, never says hello; he just tosses me the package and has me sign.  Conversely, whenever I get a package from FedEx, this cheery fellow smiles while he asks me how I’m doing, and tells me to have a nice day; once we even had a laugh about my crazy dog that started licking him uncontrollably.  While in both cases I received my packages, my customer service experience is drastically different.

So let me ask you, based on my delivery customer experience, would you shop more at online retailers that use UPS or FedEx?  Would you be more lenient when a package does not arrive as expected with UPS or FedEx? Would you wait longer to call the retailer’s call center to track the package when you know it’s UPS versus FedEx?

We talk often about the importance of positive service over the phone in the contact center, but quality face-to-face interactions can affect the calls you are receiving in your call center and your first contact resolution rates (FCR); even if your service providers/vendors are involved in the service experience.

Check out these customer comments captured during the external quality monitoring (EQM) process using post-call surveys.

“When my couch arrived damaged I called your customer service number and to my surprise the call center agent contacted a local store that carried the same model, and a replacement was delivered later that same day.  The store manager delivered the couch himself and could not have been nicer.  I was shocked!”

CTA-frost-and-sullivan-application-of-the-year“I was weary of buying your products since you’re such a big company, and almost thought better of I and went to my local home appliance store.  To my surprise the employees at your store were very knowledgeable about the product, helped me select the right product for me and told me if I wasn’t completely satisfied to bring it back – no questions asked.  I’ll be a customer for life!”

“I was pretty upset to get my desk almost completely assembled, only to find that a part of the drawer was missing.  Fuming, I went back to your store.  The woman at the returns desk was horrible, so left. When I called the call center the agent was so empathetic and nice, she shipped me the part.  I actually felt a little better because of her caring.  She also arranged for me to get a $20 gift card toward my next purchase.  Way to recover a bad situation.”

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