Voice of the Customer Resolutions for 2015

Voice of the Customer Resolutions for 2015

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It’s time to change what you do so you can change what you have received. Yep, that’s right, it’s resolution time.

Did you know that the second week of January is almost always the busiest of the year for health club memberships. And 80% of the New Years Resolutions crowd drops off by the second week of February. That’s right, only 20% remain.

Do you have Voice of the Customer resolutions?

It makes me wonder if the same thing happens for Voice of the Customer programs. Do many people want to start the year right and then fizzle out fast? Do you think it’s because of a lack of focus?

So what is your focus for 2015? I created a list of things I have heard others want to focus on. Let’s see if you agree. Use THE UP ARROW IF IT’S A FOCUS and the down arrow if it’s not. Please leave your comments and share your thoughts.

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