Web Experience Survey Mistake #1 – Trying to Measure WAY too much!

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Web Experience Survey Mistake #1 – Trying to Measure WAY too much!

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long web experience survey mistake customer experience intelligenceMy bank sent me a survey invitation after I logged into my account to review my mortgage. I was happy to click on the survey link to discuss my satisfaction with the online experience.  After about 6 minutes of clicking through the pages of questions, I had to give up.  Time to respond to the survey would take longer than the time I spent on the website.

Given my occupation and obsessive desire to measure customer experiences, I probably stuck with this survey longer than many other customers.  Do not try to get all of your customer experience intelligence all at once from one customer experience survey.  This is difficult to remember when everyone in the organization has a need for customer intelligence.

Here are some customer comments gleaned during Assessments of Customer Experience measurement programs that underscore the point:

“I don’t mind doing surveys but I can’t spend an hour doing it.  This is ridiculous.  Maybe if you offered me an incentive or discount, but you have to pay me at this point.”

“I’m not sure what my marital status and age have to do with me troubleshooting your product.  If you’re going to survey me, ask me something that shows you are going to make this site better.”

“I’m happy to tell you about my account portal but I do not want to answer questions about my lifestyle preferences .”

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