What are common contact center survey questions?

What are common contact center survey questions?

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If you’ve been asked to provide “voice of the customer” data to show what customers are actually saying, and how do agents actually impact the customer experience, then a post-call IVR survey can capture the data you need.

Common Contact Center Survey Questions

But what survey questions do you need to ask in order to measure and interpret the Voice of the Customer in contact centers? That is what you’ll find in this video. This method is a proven strategy to implement the surveys and ways to prove VoC value.

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26-contact-center-surveying-free-videos-registerDeveloping and fielding a great contact center survey will help you gather the necessary pieces of information to enable your company to provide better service, to the degree where the customer experience becomes a competitive advantage for you. Customers will want to continue to do business with you and be compelled to recommend you to friends and family.

Before you begin developing survey questions

As part of the normal process of constructing a contact center survey program, many begin to ask about common contact center survey questions to ask. Before you begin to create a survey containing questions, you’ll want to know what the most successful contact center do.

Contact center surveys are created in a way to better understand the customer experience from both the agent and the company. In fact, the results of many of the questions can be used as key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure performance.

Research on contact center surveying

Research from Gartner indicates that more than 60% of enterprises polled generate a single data point from a survey. One that usually supports their original view of the level of customer service satisfaction. Unfortunately, they ignore an analysis of the possible implications of the data. In other words, too few contact centers use the data in a meaningful way. The common truth is upheld in contact centers; data are only as powerful as what you do with it. It is vital that the customer experience be regularly monitored, and accurately measured, and that it become part of your strategic decision making process and day-to-day operation.

Survey now…and forever

High value and ROI can be created from an expertly planned and executed survey program. Surveying gives your customers a way to voice their opinions about your company and your agents. Improve the customer experience, improve customer retention, and get deeper insight into the value of your contact center operation by regularly offering surveys.

Performance Management and Agent Scorecards

customers-grade-the-callsMaximum ROI comes from creating a fair performance management tool with customer surveys as part of your quality assurance program. Here is a case study that reveals a 300% difference in value when fair scorecards are created.

Conducting internal quality monitoring will never be enough to deliver a better customer experience that drives down costs. And conducting surveys will never be enough to create changes until they become part of your performance management process.

Learn more in the case study.

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