What is analytics outsourcing?

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What is analytics outsourcing?

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In the past 15 years the success in outsourcing business process operations has encouraged many firms to start outsourcing their high-end knowledge processing work such as data analytics to skilled and experienced service firms.

Since data analytics helps solve complex business problems by analyzing data and generating useful business insights. Analytics outsourcing has helped several organizations leverage the power of data to generate useful insights and make strategic business decisions without large capital expenditures and human capital risks (highly skilled personnel leaving their employment).

Cost savings, operational efficiencies, access to a highly talented workforce and improved quality are all underlying expectations in outsourcing analytics processes. Analytics outsourcing is rapidly growing and expected to experience significant growth over the next several years.

There are several factors that are driving analytics outsourcing decisions for businesses:

  • Focus on core business – Organizations which outsource their non-core but critical data analytics processes enjoy the luxury to get high quality work done externally without having to spend time and resources on hiring analytics experts and training. Analytics outsourcing, like other forms of knowledge process outsourcing helps companies get their analytics needs met without having to take on the responsibility of another new process.
  • Access to specialists – Analytics, unlike other processes, is highly specialized in nature and requires distinctive data analytics skills and analytical mindset to be successful. Many choose to to let tasks of such nature to be driven by specialists who have exposure to specialized training and can work cohesively as an extended arm of an organizations in-house strategic planning team.
  • SaaS based technology – Analytics outsourcing eliminates the need for companies to invest in data analytics technologies and infrastructure. Most analytics solutions are now SaaS based and permit organizations of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits analytics can deliver.

Knowledge process outsourcing to Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM) has helped several companies cut costs and improve bottom lines. Why should you choose CRM to address your VoC, Quality and Customer Experience analytics needs?

  1. Pioneer in analytics outsourcing – For almost 20 years CRM has helped several organizations meet their data analytics needs.  CRM provides managed professional services with Customer Experience Analytics, Speech Analytics, Text Analytics , Social Media, Quality Monitoring, and Desktop Activity Analytics using sophisticated tools and technologies that are SaaS based.
  2. Cross industry value – CRM has been engaged by clients across industries like financial services, insurance, telecom, manufacturing, utilities, and healthcare. This cross industy experiencehas permitted CRM to capture best practices from this sectors and cross polinate them for added value.
  3. Highly skilled talent – CRM has a high quality & well balanced team. We recruit our data analytics professionals from a very select group of proven candidates.
  4. Best of breed solutions – CRM uses a proven set of solutions to provide our services. We ensure quick turnaround times through the usage of multiple automation components and proprietary data models. We are also in full compliance with customer requests for data integrity, security and confidentiality. CRM invested significant resources in developing a sophisticated security infrastructure and make analytics outsourcing a viable and safe option for all companies.
  5. North American culture relevance – CRM specializes in customer experience analytics business intelligence. In order to have accurate culture relevant data interpretations your analysts must understand the culture. Outsourcing your analytics offshore will result in the same outcomes that have caused hundreds of organizations to bring their customer service operations back on shore. The assumed savings in staff salaries are by far outstripped by the lack of understanding the North American culture. Its not the software that delivers business intelligence, its the people.


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