What is Inter-Rater Reliability Testing

What is Inter-Rater Reliability Testing

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The contact center industry is facing wide-spread instances of low employee morale and low overall customer satisfaction performance. Inter-rater Reliability (IRR) testing may help you to turn around this trend in your contact center. In order for this to occur the old method of quality monitoring calibration would need to be replaced with IRR testing.

Inter-Rater Reliability testing allows you to increase the consistency with your quality monitoring calibration process. Inter-Rater Reliability (IRR) testing for internal quality monitoring (iQM) practices is being used in leading contact centers to increase their agent performance and to address many of the chronic problems expereinced by using the traditional quality monitoring calibration process. IRR enables contact centers to be even more customer-centric by increasing the level of consistency from one agent to the next and from one grader of calls to the next.

So why are contact centers implementing Inter-Rater reliability testing?

Because we now have inarguable proof from numerous sources that being more customer-centric increases both top-line revenue generation and bottom-line profit performance. And we know, increasing the customer experience requires an increase in the agent experience.

The results showcased via the case study inside this eBook can:

  • Expedite change and the development of new practices focusing contact center leadership’s attention on underlying issues and problems with traditional call monitoring calibration processes.
  • Be a powerful tool for change by generating credible, comprehensive, in-depth information that authoritatively identifies the benefits and impact that can be made to internal quality monitoring (iQM) practices by implement Inter-rater Reliability testing.
  • Be a catalyst to move your contact center from the ongoing debate about what should we do, to a discussion of this is how we “must” do it.

The Inter-Rater Reliability eBook covers:

  • Identification of Inter-Rater Reliability testing and the differences between IRR and traditional quality monitoring calibration.
  • A contact center case study including findings and results from implementing Inter-Rater Reliability testing.
  • Instructions on how to leverage this study to expedite change and the development of new quality assurance practices with traditional quality monitoring calibration.

Seize the opportunity to get more and spend less effort with your quality assurance program by gettin your free copy today!


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