What measurement is best? Net Promoter Score, CSAT, Customer Effort

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What measurement is best? Net Promoter Score, CSAT, Customer Effort

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Which one is best? What should you use? In this briefing I discuss Net Promoter Score®, CSAT, Customer Effort, and more. Which is the best measurement to use? What do you think?

Net Promoter, CSAT, Customer Effort: Should you Worry?

You know I often get asked: “What is the best customer experience metric to use?” What is the better metric to use when you’re trying to get an understanding of the customer experience may not be where your focus should be. Is it customer satisfaction (CSAT) that is really going to bring your success? Is it Net Promoter Score® (NPS) that is going to bring a flood of new customers? Is it Customer Effort that is going to retain your customers and cut out a lot of costs in your operation?

Or is it something else that you should be actually measuring?

The fact is all customer experience measurement metrics are terrible, yet they all may add value. What I mean by that is until you are able to understand what is driving those metrics it’s gonna be really hard to see what the value of measuring these are to your organization. We all know that just by focusing our attention to the customer experience through measuring you’re gonna see some lift in performance because you’re paying attention to them.

However, when you start thinking about long-term value and long-term impact and really getting down to the benefit to the stakeholders month over month, year over year and multiple year time frames, you must take your data and understand its relationship or impact. You need to analyze things such as agent tenure, call volumes, wait times and different product types, customer types, etc. Unless you are able to know what makes you metrics move, they are all useless over time.

So you must advance beyond having just static measurements and stopping at, Hey this is our NPS score, Hey this is our CSAT score, Hey, this is our Customer Effort Score…you gotta get to the analytics, you’ve got to move towards business intelligence, otherwise don’t worry about measuring.

You can maybe you use that money in other places and get better returns. So good luck measuring, but make sure you know how to manage.

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Jim Rembach is a panel expert with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and an SVP for Customer Relationship Metrics (CRM). Jim spent many years in contact center operations and leverages this to help others. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) practitioner and frequently quoted industry expert. Call Jim at 336-288-8226 if you need help with customer-centric enhancements.

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