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Why Customer Relationship Metrics?

best-thing-learn-buttonWe deliver academic-level integrity and results greater than the rest. And we don’t sell software.

results-buttonMany solution providers simply put something together to do the job or sell you something, where instead we choose to help you surpass your dreams. We feel it’s important to know we have done the best for you, even moreso than you wanting our best. At Customer Relationship Metrics, we infuse your performance data and customer insights to create a compelling and comprehensive view of your customer relationships with real-time and historical data – ignited with deep subject matter expertise in contact center operations and consumer and agent behavior. The interpretations and recommendations we provide spark change which has resulted in double-digit increases in customer retention and positive word-of-mouth spread while obtaining multi-million dollar reductions in costs to operate.

We help you to get the greatest returns on your resources to experience extraordinary results. We feel you deserve more than what the traditional Quality Assurance and WFO practices deliver. We think synergistically with you to spark innovation beyond data so you can experience more through leading analytics capabilities to give your organization the performance improvement strategies that help your teams achieve the success you desire.

We invest in you

we-invest-in-youWe feel you are unique and think our initial (and ongoing) objective is to immerse ourselves in your world. We invest significantly in the effort of making you feel that we are part of your team. We design our solutions to fit within and enhance what you have already built. Our agile design removes many of the burdens you have and prevents additional burden from being added.

We ensure integrity and compliance

intergrity-compliance-buttonWe analyze your customer interaction journey to ensure organizational compliance and accurate data interpretation on every customer touchpoint. Whether you are trying to test adherence to the proper steps, or merely trans-versing the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, we detect the opportunities that help you to exceed customer expectations.

We increase productivity with leading technology…and deep expertise

pruductivity-buttonAll of our hosted systems are scaleable, customizable, and our web‐based MPM™ (Metrics Performance Manager) platform can help you monitor every aspect of your operations and review data from numerous disparate data sources about your customers and agents. Our Customer Behavior Analytics Team converts all of your data to insight and actionable intelligence to enable your ability to confidently move forward with increasing productivity while reducing costs. We can also leverage your existing investments in data collection and reporting systems so you get the highest ROI possible.

We go beyond with targeted learning and development

learning-buttonWe feel that insights alone are not enough to change behavior. Actually this has been proven. Therefore, we go beyond discovery and insight generation to design and implement learning and development tools and visual aids designed to effect change.

Now is the time to get more VoC ROI

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